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7 key rules to run an online service successfully

7 key rules to run an online service successfully

Running an online service can be challenging, especially with bigger team sizes. Over the last decade, I had the pleasure to work with amazing people on large scale online services to learn what it takes to operate them successfully.

For many, operating services mean firefighting. But with the following simple but powerful tricks, it is possible to turn from a re-active to pro-active approach.

  1. Test software before it goes in production
  2. Understand changes between old configuration with the new configuration
  3. Have a working rollback plan in place before starting
  4. Know at least two verification methods to confirm a successful deployment
  5. If you do multiple changes, do them one at the time and step-by-step
  6. Do changes in low usage periods
  7. Automate as many steps as possible

These simple points make it possible to achieve high uptime and reduce firefighting.

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