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How is Hong Kong? - My time in 香港

How is Hong Kong? - My time in 香港

“The gladdest moment in human life, I think, is a departure from unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

It has been already too long ago to discover a new place outside of where we live day-to-day. The overwhelming feeling at first and the following excitement of memories while traveling enkindles my soul.

First stop of our current trip is Hong Kong (香港). I was not sure what to expect when we planned this trip. When I think about Hong Kong, I have a quite small city on a tropical island which is very close to mainland China in my mind.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” - Saint Augustine

What we found was a fascinating place with a rich culture, dedicated to working, loaded with delightful food, inspired by trade and finance where everybody is constantly busy finding the next opportunity to do business. Everybody seems to try to get from A to B, often with a shipping package in their hand. Because of that, this city has a serious addiction to escalators, no matter if upwards, downwards or just horizontal to speed up travel within the city and in buildings.

It is a very modern city, easy to travel by public transit and very walkable. Hong Kong is also a lot bigger than I expected. Beaches, forests, and mountains are as much part of it as the skyscrapers. Even so, there are a lot of modern buildings, many of the buildings in Hong Kong look rugged with ACs mounted at the window and a need for some fresh paint on the building's veneer. Never the less the combination of tropical green, gardens, elevated sidewalks, waterfronts, mountain views and ultra high rises feel like another world.

Given that we just watched Ghost in the Shell, I had the soundtrack of the original Anime in my mind while wondering through the city. This city is truly inspiring, mind-opening, lush and beautiful - especially outside of the main touristic places.

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