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Reflection - Losing your way and back...

Reflection - Losing your way and back...

There are situations in life when we start losing perspective. A conflict becomes the most important thing, our career is consuming our every moment, the love of our life is more feeling like a burden than the most valuable thing in our life. Challenges feel over-proportional large compared to the things which really matter - love, health, happiness, shelter, and food.

Losing the balance is not to underestimate. It is a silent process sneaking up on us until it consumes every single bit of joy. Coming to a realization that the fight with the co-worker, spouse, service provider, or neighbour is consuming and unfocusing us from our quest to reach our goals and authentic self.

The realization that something is out of balance is the most significant first step. It is hard to realize that we are on the wrong path before we erode trust. Sometimes it needs a complete breakdown to make “click,” our partner, friend or co-worker can help us to get back to reality.

“Losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. But, losing your reason for the journey is a fate more cruel.” — H. G. Wells

Once we realize that things are going the wrong way, don’t blame yourself or others. Focus on “what was before” and “what was the original goal.” I realized reading old journals, goal lists, or talking to my partner helps me to gain back perspective. Asking myself the question, why am I here on this journey, and why did I start this journey in the first place, helps to get back on track.

(Re-) Building goal habits is a helpful tool to re-balance. For me, establishing habits around my hobbies of videography/photography, meditation, learning Chinese, thinking, and writing helps me to realize who I really am. Paired with making space for healthy food and social connections to my partner, family and friends contribute to (re-)satisfy the basic needs. This is what really matters in life. Forgetting about the “luxury” challenges at work, unneeded status, or unimportant fights with people who are not relevant in our life will cause an easing feeling.

“You may have lost your way temporarily, but do not lose sight of what matters most on your journey back to Happiness” - Leon Brown

Focusing energy on the essential things (safety, health, food) and relationships will create much more joy than anything else.

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