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Welcome - Willkommen - 欢迎

Welcome - Willkommen - 欢迎

After a while, I decided to start (again) one of my most hated and loved activities related to communication. Writing. I find that barely anything else is more difficult and rewarding than effective communication through writing.

I started writing again because it gives me the opportunity to share ideas and improve effective communication. Challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone is very important to me. That been said, it leads me to challenge situation and sometimes difficult decisions. Once I found a very interesting quote written on a wooden wall while I was hiking through B.C.:

only those who (are) going too far can possibly find out how far one can go

My motivation to write was nurtured by my habit to write down thoughts and inspirational quotes on my twitter account. Sometimes 140 character is just not enough.

I will focus my writings mainly around my passions: Information Technology , Security, Leadership, Inspiration, Cultures and Languages.

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